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Moving To Solar is one of the most well-known renewable energy consultants and hardware makers.

We create a wide range of equipment to meet a wide range of needs of solar energy-based devices for a variety of businesses and residential applications.

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What is the best way to tell if I have enough sunshine for solar power?

For any or all of the day, a solar electric device needs unrestricted access to the sun’s rays. Shading the device will greatly minimize the amount of energy it produces. Microinverters, rather than the normal string inverter, are recommended if you have shading problems.

If the system cannot be installed on my building, what other choices do I have?

If a roof-mounted system isn’t feasible, a ground-mounted system or a decorative pergola are common alternatives.

Is it necessary for the collectors to face south and be installed on my roof?

Certainly not. Solar pool collectors are usually located on the roof, but they can be placed anywhere as long as they get enough sunshine during the day. East and west-facing systems will both work well depending on the angle of the mounting board.

What kind of upkeep is expected for a solar pool heater?

During the season, no special maintenance is usually needed. The solar heater can now be “set and forget” thanks to modern electronic controls. In the winter, you’ll need to turn off the machine and drain the tiles.

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