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Solar power for homes and businesses is easier and more affordable than ever through our various programs.

Take advantage of our no-cost, no-risk personalized home or company study. You’ll get a good idea of your property’s solar capacity and leave it to chance. We offer a variety of lending options. In addition to the $0 down, $0 out-of-pocket payment, we’ll make sure you have all tax benefit details so you can give them to your tax preparer.

We specialize in the specification, licensing, construction, testing, and maintenance of solar contracts. We began with the goal of making renewable solar energy a feasible alternative for generating electricity for local homes and businesses. Thousands of solar panels have been installed across Texas as a result of our commitment.

There is only one thing more important than our work at Moving To Solar, and that is you! We are an independent, family-friendly company in Dallas that is insured and bonded. We serve the entire Dallas area, and if the price is right, we can even fly across the valley! What sets us apart from other service providers is our sincere concern for you, your house, and your family.

Since actions speak louder than words, let us show you why we’re the best in the business! We guarantee your complete happiness or your money back, and we mean it! There are no harmful additives in any of our cleaning materials and they are both plant, animal, and human friendly. It would be a pleasure and a privilege to help you let the sunshine in.

About this Process

After pre-qualifying over the internet, schedule a short and simple in-home appointment with one of our solar consultants. If going solar makes sense for you and your family, you can sign up with no money down and we’ll get started on your custom project right away.

At Moving To Solar, we promise: 

  • Zero upfront costs 
  • Price protection 
  • In-house engineering
  • System Inspection

Related Services

Solar Installation

Our crew members are experts at installing panels that can help you reduce your electricity bills. Our professionals are best suited when it comes to installing without any complications.

Solar Maintenance

While our highly trained technicians can operate on almost every type of solar panels that offer the best value, quality, and efficiency.

Solar Estimate

A solar panel quote will give you an estimation of how much the device will cost in the end. They can break down the costs so you can see where your money is going.


We believe that knowledge is power, so we’ve started compiling a database of everything you need to know about your energy future.

What is Solar PV and how does it work?

PV stands for Photovoltaic. Light is converted into electricity by solar PV panels. It’s important to note that the term “moon” is used instead of “sunlight.” On gloomy days, they fail to generate electricity. It’s just that the brighter the light is, the better their performance would be.

What is the purpose of an inverter?

The DC current from the panels is converted to the AC current needed by your home and the grid by inverters. It’s critical to use the correct kind of inverter to position it in the proper location. Many installers place them in the loft by default, but this may be harmful to your device.

How do I know I'm using the PV panels' energy?

Your inverter keeps track of grid voltage and ensures that the electricity it sends to your battery is at a marginally higher voltage than the grid. Voltage is best described as the force that drives electricity. When you switch on an electrical appliance and the inverter emits a higher voltage, the appliance would automatically use the power.

If there isn't enough sunlight, what appears to happen?

You’ll only draw from the grid, like you normally will. But keep in mind that electricity can be produced even when it isn’t sunny.

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