So you’ve agreed to purchase a solar system and enter the ranks of tens of thousands of world-changing individuals. First and foremost, congrats! You are assisting with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that affect the atmosphere. Even further, promoting renewable energy with solar power and being an independent chaser is a wonderful feeling. So what’s next? How do you keep the panel array going at optimum efficiency?

Low Maintenance 

Solar panels are relatively low maintenance, which is excellent news for homeowners. The majority of the job is normally done through seasonal rain and snow, which removes a significant amount of external accumulation. However, homeowners can conduct a quick monthly inspection to ensure that their machine is ready for full production.

The majority of the time, minor dirt and dust do not have a direct effect on quality. However, if these elements are accumulated over time, they will result in an output loss of more than 25%. When you add in debris from seasonal weathering, dust, pollen, and even ash from wildfires, it’s possible that homeowners will need to scrub their solar panels.

Furthermore, for residents in Dallas who are facing rolling blackouts, it is important to keep solar panels clean so that the electricity they provide will relieve the burden on the electrical grid.

Easy Cleaning

Solar panels may need to be cleaned once a year by hands-on homeowners. How do you wash solar panels, though? In general, it’s better to find a contractor to do the work so they’ll be able to use the proper equipment and procedures to prevent issues like scratching the glass or voiding the warranties if anything goes wrong. 

However, it isn’t overly complex! A soft bristle brush with an extended handle may be used to clean several one-story houses. You may also use a high-pressure water hose nozzle from the ground at a reasonable distance to reach rooftops that aren’t as readily available.

Affordable Prices 

They’ll have the necessary supplies and can be covered by insurers in the event that anything goes wrong. We suggest that homeowners call their local supplier to see if they can clean the panels or refer them to someone who can. Prices are normally calculated per line, and the job is usually completed in less than an hour.

In any case, clean from a clear and secure vantage point, never from the roof’s peak or from a ladder. Often, make sure the solar system is switched off before drying, and vacuum early in the morning before the sun comes up.


Finally, the small amount of maintenance needed to keep solar energy running at peak performance is well worth it. Plus, our systems come with the solar industry’s most robust complete-system warranty, which covers everything that can’t be patched with a decent scrubbing.

Congratulations, you are in an area prime for solar savings.

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